Halis Cattle Fattening Development Feed

Feed Name: Halis Cattle Fattening Development Feed

Description:Six (6) months of age young male calves and / or skeletal structure formed but physical fleshing not is a mixed feed formulated for the adult cattle fattening growing feed before cutting after consumption 40.g up the nutrition. All the content of natural protein, energy, vitamins and minerals are found and taken all the necessary nutrients.

Properties: -The use and easy to store, is a convenient feed, there is no need to mix.
- Live weight gain and taking good for maintaining healthy structure contains all the necessary nutrients.
- Cellulose to provide adequate protection from rumen problems with the addition of roughage.
- Acidosis and diarrhea buffer was added to protected.

Use:- Animals initially very giving small amounts and gradually increase the amount of feed made out of the feed point until the desired level of feeding will continue to be increased.
- Depending on the desired per 100 kg of live weight gain as a practical response to at least 2.0 kg of body weight per day is often HALİS or until 80% of the total dry matter is given is given manures.
- In combination with roughage (TMR) can be given as post-roughage alone.
- Is given until the end of 45 days of food and then made the transition to swear HALİS finished beef.

Benefits: - Establishment of a healthy body necessary for good nutrition and ensures healthy structure is maintained.
- The animals are fattened will avoid the problems that can occur with intensive feeding.
- Low-feeding provides nutrients needed to end quickly with high energy for high body weight taken.
- Hay, silage also provides high performance as the roughage.

Essential nutrients


Water, % (max)


Crude Protein, % (min)


Crude Cellulose, % (max)


Crude Ash,% (max)


Ash insoluble in HCl, % (max)


NaCl, % (max)


Vitamini A, IU/kg (min)


Vitamini D3, IU/kg (min)


Vitamini E, mg/kg (min)


Phosphorus % (min )


Sodium, % (min-max)


Calcium, % (min-max)


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