Yearling Beef Feed

Yem Adı: Feed Name


Properties: Can not complete the pasture beside the adverse market conditions or situations that can not be evaluated in male or female sheep pasture dayandırılarak those over 6 months, or is made by intensive beef fattening shape. Lambs are fed for two months with a quickly taken to 1-1.5 kg of feed daily HALİS Yearling Feed is also fed up of dry forage per day 400gr. They are the most sensitive of the Lambs urinary tract in order to prevent the formation of kidney stones HALİS Yearling Feed extremely necessary minerals in a balanced way both energy and raw materials as well proteinsağlayıc is manufactured in a balanced way. Lambs fattening areas should be large enough to be present area of drinkers and feeders. Lambs must be done for the entrotoxs of new vaccines. HALİS Yearling rams from pasture forage should be given to Familiarize with time 4-5 days.

Weight: What is 50 kg.


Crude Protein

min %16

Crude Cellulose

max %12

Crude Ash

max %9

Dry Matter

min %88


min-max %0.6-1.6


min %0.5


min-max %0.1-0.4


max %1.0

Ash insoluble in HCl

max %1.0


Vitamin A

min 7000 İ.Ü./KG

Vitamin D3

min 700 İ.Ü./KG

Vitamin E

min 25 MG/KG

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