Lamb Starting Feed

Feed Name: Lamb Starting Feed

Description:Lambs born they must receive adequate colostrum in order to develop strong immune system. 45 days mother from feeding 10 days with milk HALİS Lamb initial vows to be acclimated and body weight of 13-15 kg in until you reach the front clean fresh water and HALİS Lamb Starting Feed freely taken up during this time butchering purposes lamb reared on grass clover, etc. verilmemeli.kuzu roughage should be made at least 8-10 days after birth mothers should be clean pane with separate compartments emiştir they should remain in the subsequent days, morning and evening, at least twice. If lambs will be divided into breeding they should be separated by 45 days until emiştiril should breeding lambs pasture and daily 300-400 gr. Starting Feed HALİS lamb should be given.

Need to focus on the important points:• Anneli lamb compartments should be dry and clean air draft.
• Have enough space.
• Be sure to follow whether mania suction.
• It should be noted that there is adequate nutritional intake Umeda. • From day 10 to be passed to free feeding.
• Beside the end of the live weight must be determined and duration
• Always should be a sufficient amount of clean water.

Weight:What is 50kg.


Crude Protein

min %18

Crude Cellulose

max %11

Crude Ash

max %8

Dry Matter

min %88


min-max %0.8-2


min %0.5


min-max %0.1-0.4


max %0.6

Ash insoluble in HCl

max %1


Vitamin A

min 5000 İ.Ü./KG

Vitamin D3

min 600 İ.Ü./KG

Vitamin E

min 25 MG/KG

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